Ett mejl till PRAESA

sändes iväg från klass 7-9B när de hade engelsklektion.

Dear Mr Malusi Ntoyapi and other friends at PRAESA,

We have a suggestion that we want to share with you.

We are students in grade 7-9B in Hjulsta grundskola in Stockholm. We all come from Somalia and recently we started a project to contribute to develop Wikipedia in Somali.

We wrote three articles about:

  • Astrid Lindgren
  • Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

During the work we discovered that PRAESA is not to be found in English Wikipedia – only in Swedish, Finnish and Somali. Therefore we suggest that you create your own account in Wikipedia and release an article about your excellent organisation.

Best regards from all of us,


Annika Renberg (teacher)

We add the link to PRAESA in Somali so that you can see what we have done:

Hope to hear from you.

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